Improving Fleet Risk Management with CCTV footage and telematics

Camera-Eye is both video recording and telematics device all rolled into one. A 4 and 8 channel 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled system with GPS/GLONASS/QZSS receivers for best possible positional data combined with G-Shock/Gyro sensors. Camera-Eye has Full HD video quality and audio recording together with a host of sensors.

A complete fleet management solution that increases the efficiency of the fleet and reduces risk.

Our online portal helps you manage all of your fleet’s vehicles in one place, delivering increased productivity while protecting your drivers and the bottom line.

Keep track

The perfect option fleet managers looking to track their fleet in real time, improve driver behaviour, mitigate risk, resolve claims quickly and strengthen their relationship with their insurer.

Key Features:

  • Monitor the location of your assets using accurate GPS technology.
  • Record HD Video and Audio.
  • Reduce fleet risks by incorporating vehicle telemetry
    into your risk management strategy.
  • Improve customer relations by sharing vehicle
    tracking information.
  • Reduce fuel costs and save time.
  • Improve driver training and safety.
  • Easy to setup and install.
  • Online portal to manage your fleet in one place.
  • Get real-time vehicle information such as ignition status, speed, travel and current location.
  • Set up custom alerts, reminders and geofence.

Camera-Eye Direct Vision Tech Pack

£799 ex VAT

Camera-Eye Direct Vision Pro Pack

£1599 ex VAT


Monitor your assets on various platforms – 24/7

Use our monitoring system or your own system to keep track of your entire fleet via phone, tablet or computer.

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