Invisible GPS/GSM tracker for containers

Container-Eye, a small, battery-driven tracking device, enables you to keep track of all containers in your fleet. Disguised as an air vent, the tracking device is less likely to be detected and tampered with by a thief.


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Monitor your assets in an easy way

Simply place Container-Eye on the container that you wish to protect, and log into your secure online control centre.

You are now ready to monitor your containers and track their position if stolen. With a battery lifespan of up to 9 years, this tracking
device is a great investment.

Keep track

Always know, where your goods are by monitoring on web, smartphone or tablet. Set up email alerts and notifications to receive a warning in the event of an unwanted incident. Easily manage your alarms and functions remotely.

Secure and reliable tracking

Container-Eye, stand-alone tracker for remotely monitoring of all your containers:
  • Advanced GSM technology combined with accurate GPS positioning provides reliable and accurate monitoring.
  • Flexible settings for report interval tailored to your requirements.
  • Easy to mount, easy to hide, disguised as an air vent.

Key Features:

  • Monitor the location using accurate GPS technology
  • Positioning with advanced GSM triangulation
  • Enable the G-sensor and track the movements
  • Battery powered, with efficient power management
  • Using an air vent as a disguise, the device is invisible for possible thieves
  • Easy to use, easy to hide, no wires needed
  • Track your container if it’s stolen or lost
  • Set up custom alarms and geofence
Explore more features in the Technical Data Sheet


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Monitor your assets on various platforms – 24/7

Use our monitoring system or your own system to keep track of your entire fleet via phone, tablet or computer.

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