To resolve issues, you may not have even thought about. Because you’ll need to know!

EV-Eye is latest in the range of fleet-eye products, it’s a one box solution that delivers the very best of EV-Vehicle telematics with an internal GPS modem. The device is click and play and will provide data/reports to resolve issues you may not have even considered yet. The data/reports can be visualised by means of an API, white labelled platform, or i-pane within your existing software suite. An App is also available.

We know that not all users require the same information, so we have 3 versions:

• Fleet operator
• Fleet provider
• EV charger/energy provider (to be announced)

Fleet Provider Potential Issues
  • Battery Condition – In-Proper Charging Pattern,
    Poor Battery Condition.
  • When will the most cost-effective time to obtain highest residual?
  • Protect High Investment.
  • Activate the movement-sensor to follow your assets on the move.
Tell Tales – Provide Live Feedback Identifying Non-Reported Vehicle Issues
  • Battery Pack.
  • High voltage system caution.
  • Battery pack temperature.
  • Limited performance electric motor.
  • Battery pack cooling.
Fleet Provider Potential Issues
  • Remaining miles not % battery.
  • Maximise miles-more jobs per charge more profit.
  • Charging point overlay.
  • Driving style maintain max miles.
  • Odometer reading..

Save time through smart installation.

EV-Eye is designed with a compact housing of 10 by 10 centimetres. Additional accessories and peripherals, such as contactless vehicle data readers, a Bluetooth module, etc., can be connected using smart plug-and-play connectors, drastically reducing installation time. The housing has two cable tie trays to securely attach EV-EYE to any desired location.

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