Superior and reliable tracking device for surveillance of commercial skips.

Skip-Eye monitors the location of all your commercial skips. Keep an easy overview of your skips by having daily reports from your Skip-Eye and track them down, if they are stolen or lost


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Monitor your skips the easy way

Skip-Eye is a range of small battery-driven tracking devices, that monitor the location of all your skips. To keep track of the location, the device sends daily reports. It is smart and easy to use.

Track your lost skips

Are your skips lost or stolen – Skip-Eye provides the location with the accurate built-in GPS module. To stay even more in touch with your skip, it is possible remotely to increase number of positions and to activate the motion sensor.

Keep track

Always know, where your skips are by monitoring on web, smartphone or tablet. Set up email alerts and notifications to receive a warning in the event of an unwanted incident. Easily manage your alarms and functions remotely.

Secure and reliable tracking

Skip-Eye, stand-alone tracker for remotely monitoring of your vehicles, skips and other valuables.:
  • Advanced GSM technology combined with accurate GPS positioning provides reliable and accurate monitoring.
  • Flexible settings for report interval tailored to your requirements.
  • Possibility to activate a built-in RF module for indoor tracking or in areas with poor GPS coverage.

Key Features:

  • Monitor the location of your skips using accurate GPS technology.
  • Track down, if your skip is stolen or lost.
  • Positioning with advanced GSM triangulation, if only GSM data is available.
  • Activate the movement-sensor to follow your skips on the move.
  • Battery powered, with long battery life.
  • Small in sizes, comes in different models.
  • Fits into skips of all sizes.
  • Easy to use, easy to hide, no wires needed.
  • Active RFID technology enables indoor positioning and is useful by recovery.
  • Set up custom alarms and geofence.
Explore more features in the Technical Data Sheet


Monitor your skips on various platforms – 24/7

Use our monitoring system or your own system to keep track of your entire fleet via phone, tablet or computer.

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