Squarell Partners with Fleet-Eye

14 January 2021

Squarell Partners with Fleet-Eye

We are happy to introduce the cooperation between Fleet-Eye and Squarell Technology. Fleet-Eye will take responsibility for the Australian and New Zealand market. Many of you will know Mervyn Blank, who is the CEO, and has worked at Squarell for many years. He has extensive experience in the field of telematics as the spearhead of many new global accounts for Squarell.

About Fleet-Eye

Fleet-Eye provides telematics and technology solutions to the commercial vehicle and asset sector helping operators reduce costs with efficiency savings.

Fleet-Eye is a telematics solutions provider and allows you to track all your commercial vehicles, plant machinery, defence equipment, rental sectors, assets and much more. Their asset management software brings unique solutions to the telematics industry to allow you to work smarter and reduce your operational costs. Uniquely they work smarter to allow self-installation, provide engineering bespoke solutions and automated reports to simplify your fleet management.

About Squarell Technology

Squarell is the independent vehicle data and CAN bus specialist offering reliable telematics hardware and services to take its customers’ fleet management to the next level. Squarell is a tight team of specialists that is always keen to deliver the best tailored solutions for its customers and to provide personal and accurate support where needed.

Squarell advanced solutions

The collection and processing of vehicle data is only one part of the company’s activities. The benefit lies in the expertise of converting the wide variety of data into information, such as driver behaviour, vehicle performance, and predictive maintenance. Squarell provides this service for practically all vehicles, off-road equipment, generator sets and motorized structures.

Go to https://squarell.com/ for more information.