To resolve issues, you may not have even thought about. Because you’ll need to know!

EV-Eye is latest in the range of fleet-eye products, it’s a one box solution that delivers the very best of EV-Vehicle telematics with an internal GPS modem. The device is click and play and will provide data/reports to resolve issues you may not have even considered yet.

Asset-Eye Rock
Superior and reliable tracking in harsh environments.

Asset-Eye Rock is a sturdy GPS tracker, developed for tracking in rugged environments, where robustness and resistance to wear and tear are key criteria.

Special and small waterproof GNSS tracker with built-in accelerometer and gyroscope.

Track-Eye, a small, smart and waterproof GNSS SPECIAL tracker with Bluetooth connectivity and internal backup battery. Biggest in its class internal High Gain GNSS antenna allows mounting directly on car battery under the hood. Track-Eye is equipped with special clamp connector for fast power cable connection to the car battery.

Unique battery-powered, rechargeable GPS trackers for accurate fast-tracking of all valuables.

Rapid-Eye is a series of small battery-powered GPS trackers for accurate positioning, even when high speed positioning is required. Rapid-Eye is a battery-powered device, that is capable of high-speed positioning which gives you a unique solution. Battery recharging ensures you profitability and functionalities for years to come.

Powerful Tracking Device for Equipment and Machinery

Plant-Eye 9B23 is especially developed for monitoring all types of equipment and machinery, such as construction, agricultural and forestry material.

Invisible GPS/GSM tracker for containers.

Container-Eye, a small, battery-driven tracking device, enables you to keep track of all containers in your fleet. Disguised as an air vent, the tracking device is less likely to be detected and tampered with by a thief.

Superior and reliable tracking device for surveillance of commercial skips.

Skip-Eye monitors the location of all your commercial skips. Keep an easy overview of your skips by having daily reports from your Skip-Eye and track them down, if they are stolen or lost.

Improving Fleet Risk Management with CCTV footage and telematics.

Camera-Eye is both video recording and telematics device all rolled into one. A 4 and 8 channel 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled system with GPS/GLONASS/QZSS receivers for best possible positional data combined with G-Shock/Gyro sensors. Camera-Eye has Full HD video quality and audio recording together with a host of sensors.

Outstanding GPS tracker without battery for tracking trailers, caravans and much more.

Trailer-Eye is a small, affordable tracking device for real time monitoring and tracking, even under challenging conditions.

Superior and reliable tracking device for surveillance of valuables, large and small.

Asset-Eye monitors the location of all your assets. Keep an easy overview of your assets by having daily reports from your Asset-Eye and track down, if it is stolen or lost.


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