Special and small waterproof GNSS tracker with built-in accelerometer and gyroscope.

Track-Eye, a small, smart and waterproof GNSS SPECIAL tracker with Bluetooth connectivity and internal backup battery. Biggest in its class internal High Gain GNSS antenna allows mounting directly on car battery under the hood. Track-Eye is equipped with special clamp connector for fast power cable connection to the car battery.

Compact Two Wire Tracker

Solid waterproof case and built-in accelerometer & gyroscope sensors with extremely accurate crash trace functionality makes this device perfectly suitable for fleet management solutions.




Power Supply
10 - 30v DC

Keep up-to-date

Always know, where your assets are by monitoring on web, smartphone or tablet. Set up email alerts and notifications to receive a warning in the event of an unwanted incident. Easily manage your alarms and functions remotely.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for general feet management.
  • Real time tracking of cars, vans, trucks and lorrys.
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Online reports including trips, daily summary and routes taken.
  • Can be configured to send you immediate email or text message alerts.
  • Crash detection functionality working according accelerometer data.
  • Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors.
  • Set up custom alarms and geofence.
  • Internal battery allows device to work without external power source.
Explore more features in the Technical Data Sheet


Monitor your assets on various platforms – 24/7

Use our monitoring system or your own system to keep track of your entire fleet via phone, tablet or computer.

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