Outstanding GPS tracker without battery for tracking trailers, caravans and much more

Trailer-Eye is a small, affordable tracking device for real time monitoring and tracking, even under challenging conditions.

Monitor your entire fleet in real time

Track real time position, activity, movement and route of your trailer. GPS technology gives you an accurate position. All data including historical traces can be retrieved from the server at any time.

Non-stop tracking without running low on battery Trailer-Eye allows for continuous long-term and real-time tracking. It does not run out of electrical power either need no battery. The unique and patented GPS device offers long term durability as it generates power from the tail lights, brake lights and indicators.

One-stop solution for effective trailer management

Whether you own, operate or lease out trailers, we offer a flexible and integrated solution to help you optimise operations, save costs and protect valuable assets.

Increase workforce efficiency

Spot trailers, that could be used more efficiently e.g. parked trailers, that could be used on other sites.

Protect against theft

Track the position of your stolen trailer. As the device is small and installed inside the trailer’s tail light, it is difficult to find and remove in case of theft.

Improve maintenance and avoid costly downtime

Collect data of the trailer usage to schedule maintenance and service. Spot any issue at an early stage to avoid costly repair.

Create geo zones

Get a full overview of which trailers are located at specific locations by creating zones. Stay informed when a trailer drives in / out a zone. Retrieve an overview of trailers, that are located within a given zone.

Real time monitoring of your trailer’s route and stops

Reduce costs, facilitate planning and optimise driving time by knowing the exact location of the trailer. In addition, the time of delivery can better be estimated. Historical data, including route driven, can always be retrieved on the server.

Intelligent automation

Trailer-Eye gains power from the tail lights without affecting the electrical circuit of the trailer:

  • When Trailer-Eye is charged by the tail lights, the device transmit its position approx. every 2 minutes for live tracking.
  • If the tail lights are off, Trailer-Eye is charged by the brake lights and indicators. Positions are transmitted at regular intervals depending on the actual usage of the brakes and indicators.
  • If the trailer is disconnected, a position is sent every 12 hours for a period of time.

Key Features:

  • Monitoring of real time & historical position of your trailer.
  • Overview of driving route.
  • Easy planning when the trailer is on the go.
  • Create geozones and keep an overview of specific locations.
  • Suitable for 4V to 40V systems.
  • No battery needed, intelligent low power consumption.
  • Set up custom alarms and geofence.
  • Easy installation.
  • Small in size (54x44x19mm).
  • IP65 waterproof: Built to last in harsh environments.

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Monitor your trailers on various platforms – 24/7

Use our monitoring system or your own system to keep track of your entire fleet via phone, tablet or computer.
Trailer-Eye Lite
Basic, easy to use platform incl. real-time map, historical data and custom alarms.
Trailer-Eye Pro
Complete fleet management platform incl. real-time map with historical trails, custom alarms, geofence, report generator and maintenance planning.
White Label
Customised, branded platform, based on our systems.
System integration (API)
Use your own system. We will provide open source software and API.