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Fleet-Eye provide telematics and technology solutions to the commercial vehicle and asset sector helping operators reduce costs with efficiency savings.

Fleet-eye is a telematics solutions provider and allows you to track all your commercial vehicles, plant machinery, defence equipment, rental sectors, assets and much more. Our asset management software brings unique solutions to the telematics industry to allow you to work smarter and reduce your operational costs. Uniquely we work smarter to allow self-installation, provide engineering bespoke solutions and automated reports to simplify your fleet management.

Our History

We rose from the need to bring a fresh solution outlook for trailer and plant telematics as historical engineering and cost issues have prevented telematics take up in these sectors. Providing a no battery solution, self-install and an engineering “plug and play” strategy has allowed the company to grow with a global reach. Fleet-eye’s partners range from trailer OEMs, telematics system providers, energy companies, fleet rental and automotive system providers. Together with our sister company mobile valley ltd who are the UK/EU leading telematics installation service we have 15 years’ experience, a 30-country framework and over 200k completed installations to date.

Unique and Complete

Whilst China and far east dominate offerings in the telematics sector, Fleet-Eye provide UK and EU solutions that are plug and play with a 5-year warranty. We manufacture any loom or connector so the trailer, asset or vehicle can have an integrated solution that is “factory fit” compliant. Fleet-eye also design and engineer brackets for specific piece of plant machinery for industrial harsh environment working.

Individual surveys are carried out with each specific asset to provide a rugged tailor-made solution for each operator. An individual “self-install kit” is manufactured with free self-install training on site to ensure the product is understood delivered for a unique and complete solution.


In the 21st century we understand that the need to integrate with other providers is key for the fleet operator. We provide 4 connected service as offerings: fleet eye lite/pro asset management software, IOS and android app platforms, API services to telematic system providers and white label options if needed.


Fleet-Eye understand that not all fleet managers have the time to study telematics data in depth, we make it easy with automated reports and easy to understand visuals. Trailer utilisation for example is key for efficiency so a 2 click strategy to visualise a stagnation report for “how many days since last used” combined with mileage, geofence overnight reports to help make the key decisions for fleet size. Any other “customised report wish” is also a key factor when delivering the solution.

Cost Guarantee

As with all telematic solutions we know that cost factors is one of the overriding procurement decisions that fleet operators face in these challenging times. Fleet-eye will provide a cost guarantee that we won’t be beaten on price for any supplied quote for a like for like solution. The cheapest lease option can also be provided allowing the solution to be implemented as soon as possible.


Fleet-Eye operate in the following sectors, Transport and Logistics, Light Commercial and Fleet, Rental, Plant and Agriculture, Trailer OEM, Automotive OEM, Defence and Security and much more.

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Fleet-Eye are a fully compliant UK/EU GDPR regulated business, ICO Registered and our GDPR compliance S.H.E.I.L.D status can be viewed here.

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