Our reporting dashboard tracks your trailers location and movements with custom geofencing, in-depth reporting tools and additional modules.


Can be self installed in less than 5 minutes. On a Fleet of 100 trailers that’s a saving of over £5000.

Constant Power

There are no batteries to go flat, so you can always find your trailer irrespective of who’s coupled: your tractor, a sub-contractor, or an unauthorised tractor.


Full reporting suite as standard.

Free API

Build your own reports, all data is accessible through the API.

1. Track a Trailer

  • Find your trailer irrespective of who’s coupled to it.
  • Historical route replay by trailer showing time, date & location.
  • Google or satellite view of routes

2. Geofence

  • Ability to draw a digital boundary around customer sites and depots.
  • Automatic alerts triggered by arrival/departure.
  • Location of all trailers within sites and depots.
  • Alert if trailer is in a restricted or no-go area.
  • Data can be used for conformance to prove trailer was at location.

3. Trailer Movement Report

  • Trailer utilisation; how many days without movement.
  • Find out where the unused trailers are located.
  • What percentage of the trailer fleet was not utilised.
  • Utilisation by trailer type, are they fully used?
  • Do I have the right trailers in the correct location at the right time?
  • Is this causing needless trailer rentals?

4. Trailer GPS Mileage

  • Records trailer miles when coupled to your own tractor/sub-contractor.
  • Distances travelled shown by shift/session or time period.
  • Weekly/monthly mileage report.
  • Total trailer mileage report.

5. Maintenance Module

  • Useful tool for Fleet Manager/Workshop.
  • Traffic light system. Easy to view status flagging service/maintenance points.
  • Schedule can be attached to calendars.
  • View overall maintenance position for fleet, identifies areas of concern.

Free API

  • Integrate data into your existing FMS, why use 2 systems?
  • Design your own reports using Fleet-Eye data.
  • Full documentation is available.

In addition bespoke parameters can be made available subject to a technical and functional specification being made available. A quotation can then be raised.