Track anything that moves. Monitor everything that shouldn't.

Indoor/Outdoor asset tracker featuring up to 12 years battery life in a small rugged housing available in Cellular LTE-M / NB-IoT or LoRaWAN® versions.

Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracking

Asset-Mini utilises GNSS (GPS and BeiDou), Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning, and Cell Tower or LoRaWAN® geolocation fallback to provide the most accurate position depending on the environment while saving power and optimising battery life.


GNSS, Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning, and Cell Tower location for seamless indoor/outdoor asset management.

Battery Life Alerts

“Battery Low” and “Battery Critical” alerts.

‘Deploy Once’ Battery Life

Over 10+ years battery life on only 3 x AA user-replaceable batteries.

Cloud-Based Location

Position calculations are handled in the cloud (versus on-device) for substantial power savings.

Adaptive Tracking

Periodic or optional movement based tracking – tracks assets throughout the day and/or when movement occurs, entering sleep mode when inactive to conserve power and data usage.

Ultra Rugged

Weatherproof and ultra-rugged IP68, IK07 housing.

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